Reuse Central

Reuse Central


by Sam Felicetti,


Millions of tons of furniture are sent to US landfills annually.  This doesn’t include the other reusable furnishings, materials and supplies discarded every time a workplace is closed, moved, renovated or expanded.  Every day thousands of tractor trailers filled with valuable needed materials head to the landfill.  Billions of dollars in value are lost well before many of these items even come close to the end of their useful lives.

While finding a new home for these items may be attractive to some organizations the process has proved too difficult.  Repurposing no longer wanted items has proved to be too time intensive and expensive.  As a result, the vast majority of these items have been landfilled.  This has been the cheapest and easiest way to deal with these “assets” that have become a burden to the organization.

The story in southwestern Pennsylvania is no different.  Repurposing surplus materials has been too difficult and too costly.  The Pennsylvania Resource Council’s (PRC) Reuse Central App promises to change this.

Reuse Central is a technology platform that allows businesses and institutions to offer no longer needed goods and materials to area nonprofits who need but can ill-afford to purchase these items.  Everyone benefits!

The key is to keep it simple and local.

Reuse Central – How it Works

Reuse Central is a closed, virtual exchange where businesses and institutions can easily offer their no longer needed materials to area nonprofits.


Reuse Central is available only to registered members.  Registration insures that all beneficiary organizations are bona fide (e.g. 501 c 3 status) and share our environmental values.  Information gathered through the registration process allow us to do better matching and comply with any restrictions.  Registration also allows us to track transactions and provide needed charitable donation receipts as well as impact metrics.  PRC oversees membership in Reuse Central.


Reuse Central is not transporting items nor is it storing items.  Costs and environmental impact are minimized when transactions are direct between the donating business and the nonprofit.  Reuse Central is intended to facilitate (as opposed to execute) the transaction.


Exchanges increase the likelihood that transactions will occur because more parties are ‘at the table’.  Reuse Central allows businesses to simultaneously offer items to multiple nonprofits.  Nonprofits are able to search multiple offers simultaneously.

Offering Items – 4 Easy Steps

  1. Login to the mobile app
  2. Take a picture of the item(s)
  3. Chose a category (e.g. desk, blinds, etc.)
  4. Select a pick-up deadline

That’s it.  You will be notified when a nonprofit claims your item(s).  You can then contact them to work out logistics.

Why not try it?  We are confident you will find the process simple and easy.  Download the Reuse Central App today from Google Play or the Apple Store.