Elevator Inspections

Elevator Inspections


by Suzanne Sieber, Suzanne.Sieber@elevmgmt.com

State Elevator Inspections can now be performed on overtime.  Since 2015, BOMA Pittsburgh’s Code and Legislative Committees, along with the great help by David Mayernik (BOMA’s Gov’t Affairs counsel) has been working with the Dept of Labor & Industry (L&I), and Bureau of Occupational & Industrial Safety (BOIS) to approve overtime for state elevator inspectors.

In November 2017, the bill to add overtime inspections was signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf.  The fee for an overtime inspection is $1,000 plus $160/hour for the inspector’s time.  In addition, permits can now be expedited for $1,000.

Third party inspectors are not authorized by the state to witness modernization acceptance tests.  A state inspector must witness these tests. As a result, emergency power and fire service must be tested on regular time with much disruption to the building.

In April 2017, Kevin Clarke, Ed Manko, Dave Mayernik and Suzanne Sieber met with Elevator Inspection Director David Marchioni, and Deputy Secretary of Labor and Industry Sean Ramaley and staff in Harrisburg to discuss the overtime fees.  This conversation turned to be fruitful and their overtime proposal was included in the testimony of Dept L&I Secretary Kathy Manderino to the House Appropriations Committee concerning the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

According to Secretary Manderino, the Department of L&I is working with the legislature to charge rates that are equal to the current market, which includes the elevator inspector overtime. BOIS experienced a large reduction in the amount of state funding they received in the 2017-2018 fiscal year and the overtime is one of the newly proposed fees that are in place to make up the difference in the lack of funding.  Manderino went on to say that this change is also aimed at attracting more inspectors which ultimately will make Pennsylvania buildings safer.