Codes Corner March 2018

Codes Corner


The following updates are issues that BOMA Pgh has been actively engaged. To learn more about BOMA’s Advocacy efforts, contact

PA State Elevator Inspections

Nov 2017 – Gov. Tom Wolf signed into Law a bill allowing overtime for elevator     inspections.  Previously, state inspectors were not authorized to witness these inspections beyond regular work hours.  BOMA Pgh led the charge, and worked with PA Dept Labor & Industry to resolve this issue.  To read more about BOMA’s big win in Harrisburg, see Suzanne Sieber’s article.

Safe & Secure Building Act

Nov 2017 – PA Supreme Court agreed to review the appeal by the joint defendants City of Pittsburgh & SEIU, re the Safe & Secure Building Act (SSBA).  The SSBA was signed into Law by Mayor Peduto in May 2015, and requires all building service      personnel (cleaners, guards, etc) to obtain safety training by a “certified third-party”, paid for entirely by building owners.  BOMA Pgh filed suit against the City of Pgh/SEIU on Aug 2015 – and BOMA was victorious in both Trial Court (Dec 2015), and Commonwealth Court (May 2017) – and awaits audience with the PA Supreme Court.

Review & Advisory Council (RAC) Board Appointment!

Dec 2017 – Gov Tom Wolf appointed Rick Madzar, CEO of H.F. Lenz, to a newly opened Board seat on the illustrious PA RAC Board.  BOMA Pgh worked with state officials to allocate a seat on this state board, to be designated to represent the     interests of building owners.  BOMA Pgh very proudly recommended Rick for this seat!

ADA Education & Reform Act (H.R. 620)

Feb 2018 – Passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 225-192.  This bill will help curb drive-by lawsuits by imposing a notice and cure period before allowing a civil lawsuit to commence, in the event of an ADA access violation.  BOMA Pgh members, with the guidance by BOMA Int’l, actively lobbied our elected officials at the U.S. Capitol for many years.  A big win!