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BOMA 360 Performance Program


The BOMA 360 Performance Program, sponsored by BOMA International, evaluates buildings against industry best practices in 6 major areas: building operations and management; life safety, security and risk management; training and education; energy; environmental/sustainability; and tenant relations/community involvement. 


Individual buildings that satisfy the requirements in all 6 areas are awarded the BOMA 360 designation.



Pittsburgh 2030 District

The Pittsburgh 2030 District is an interdisciplinary public-private-nonprofit collaborative working to create a groundbreaking high performance building district in Downtown Pittsburgh. BOMA Pittsburgh is proud to be a Community Partner in this global initiative.

Green Building Alliance










A community benefit organization headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Green Building Alliance (GBA) was founded in 1993 and was the first U.S. Green Building Council affiliate. GBA inspires the creation of healthy, high performing places for everyone by providing leadership that connects knowledge, transformative ideas, and collaborative action.

Sustainability: Best-Practices



Daytime Cleaning Saves You Money!


What:   Pogressive Property Managers & Building Owners are Switching to Day Cleaning

Why:   Enjoy 5-8% Energy Savings (*with nearly zero capital investment) & Improve Your Occupant Cleaning Experience by Bringing Cleaning into the Light!


1.      Take Time to Self Audit your Building

2.      Analyze Optimal Day Cleaning Routes

3.      Work with Experienced Cleaning Vendors, & Celebrate the Change!


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Lighting Upgrades:  An Alternative, Sustainable Solution!!


What:  Lighting Upgrade

Why:   No $ required

How:   Use your current utility spend to fund improvement

Who:   Building owners with an electricity spend of 150k+/year


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Waste & Recycling:  A Smarter Way!!


What:  Smarter Waste & Recycling


Why:   With zero capital investment, within existing contracts, businesses can save on average 35% on their refuse costs.



1.      Conduct an audit of your business' waste stream to determine if a significant volume of material is recyclable or salable ie. paper or cardboard. 

2.      Utilize a network of market driven buyers to sell and capture the value of those materials currently going into your waste stream. 

3.      Join a larger pool of businesses to leverage your buying power and obtain better than fair market rates.  


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