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Click here for - Annual Fire Inspection Admin Info (City of Pitts)


Click here for - Annual Fire Inspection Checklist (City of Pitts)




Mayor William Peduto

City of Pittsburgh

512 City County Building

414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Kevin Acklin

Chief of Staff
Phone: 412-255-2636


Debra Lam

Chief Innovation and Performance Officer


Debbie Listitian

Chief Administrative Officer


Valerie McDonald Roberts

Chief Urban Affairs Officer


Guy Costa

Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Curtiss Porter

Chief Education and Neighborhood Reinvestment Officer


Lourdes Sanchez-Ridge

Solicitor and Chief Legal Officer


Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN)

Phone:  412-766-4810 (administrative offices)


Allegheny Regional Asset District (ARAD)

Phone:  N/A


Animal Care & Control

Phone:  412-255-2036


Board of Appeals

Phone:  412-255-2963



Phone:  412-255-2539


City Clerk's Office

Phone:  412-255-2138


City Controller

Phone:  412-255-2054


City Council

Phone:  412-255-2142


Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB)

Phone:  412-765-8023


City-County Task Force on Disabilities

Phone:  412-255-2102


City Information Systems

Phone:  412-255-2152


City Planning

Phone:  412-255-2200


City Planning Commission

Phone:  412-255-2219


Civil Service Commission


Clean Pittsburgh Commission

Phone:  412-488-7490 (Pennsylvania Resources Council)


Economic Development

Phone:  412-255-6600


Emergency Management Agency

Phone:  412-255-2633


Emergency Medical Services

Phone:  412-622-6930



Phone:  412-255-2582


Fire Bureau

Phone:  412-255-2860


Historic Review Commission (HRC)

Phone: 412-255-2243


Housing Authority, City of Pittsburgh (HACP)

Phone:  412-456-5000


Law Department

Phone:  412-255-2015


Mayor's Office

Phone:  412-255-2626


Parking Authority

Phone:  412-560-7275


Permits, Licenses, and Inspections

Phone:  412-255-2175

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA)

Phone:  412-255-8800


Police Bureau

Phone: 412-323-7800


Public Safety

Phone:  412-255-2270


Public Works

Phone:  412-255-8850


Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC)

Phone:  412-391-5590


Sports and Exhibition Authority

Phone:  412-393-0200


Stadium Authority

Phone:  412-393-0200


Sustainability Commission

Phone:  412-255-2626


Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

Phone:  412-255-6600


Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)

Phone:  412-255-2246

Allegheny County









Rich Fitzgerald

County Executive
Allegheny County

101 County Courthouse
436 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-350-6500 

Fax: 412-350-4360


Amie Downs

Director, Communications


Dennis Davin

Director, Economic Development

Phone:  412-355-1000


Emergency Management



Charles Moffatt

Superintendent, Police Bureau


Property Assessment 



Philip A. LaMay

Acting Director, Public Works


John K. Weinstein



County Council