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Government Affairs

State and local governments continue to play a vital role in creating public policy in the United States and have a significant impact on the issues impacting the commercial real estate industry.  BOMA Pittsburgh actively defends these interests.  Legislative meetings in the last year have included US Representatives Altmire, Critz, Kelly, and Murphy; staff for US Senators Casey and Toomey; State Auditor General Wagner; State Rep Kortz; and County Executive Fitzgerald…  One of the many ways that BOMA works for YOU!


Read more about the BOMA Pittsburgh Government Affairs Committee here.


Due to staffing changes at Pittsburgh's Department of Building Inspection they will be temporarily moving to third party inspections for all electrical permits applied for starting May 20, 2014. All electrical permits applied for before May 20th can either use a third party inspection or request a City inspection, with the caveat that there may be a wait of several weeks for a City inspection.
More information about this change and a list of approved third parties can be found on their website. .

BOMA Scores BIG wins at ICC Hearings

BOMA International’s codes team successfully represented the interests of BOMA members during final action hearings to determine the content of the 2015 editions of eight of the International Code Council’s (ICC) sixteen codes.


BOMA and its allies were successful in keeping unnecessary and extremely costly mandates on new and existing buildings out of the ICC codes.


Victories included the defeat of:

  • Retro-commissioning for energy and mechanical systems in existing buildings every five years
  • Solar-ready provisions, including dedicated roof space, for all buildings
  • Increased insulation levels for wall, floor, roof and windows
  • Whole building air barrier testing
  • Auto shut-off controls on 50 percent of electrical receptacles
  • Renewal of building certificates of occupancy every five years
  • Retroactive sprinkler system installation for all business occupancies over three stories and all existing hotels and motels
  • Mold inspection and remediation of all existing buildings
  • Radon abatement system installation triggered by renovation permits

BOMA also secured approval of proposals to keep prohibitively costly firefighter air breathing replenishment systems and building energy/mechanical system commissioning out of the body of the ICC codes. 

BOMA’s Economic Impact Study

The results of BOMA International’s study on commercial real estate's impacts on the economy are impressive. 9.9 billion square feet of commercial office space located within the 94 markets served by BOMA International’s 93 local associations generated $79.7 billion in direct operating expenditures.

The $79.7 billion in annual operating expenditures contributed a total of $205.1 billion to the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2011—equivalent to the state of California’s annual budget

 For each dollar spent on office building operations, workers in the United States realized an increase of $0.76 in personal earnings, generating a total of $61 billion in new earnings for workers residing within the 94 office market areas and respective state economies in 2011

 The 9.9 billion square feet of commercial and government-owned office space located in the 94 markets served by BOMA’s 93 local associations provided workspace for an estimated 44.3 million office jobs

BOMA continues to bolster its lobbying efforts through the grassroots activism of our members.  Actions by constituents have the greatest impact on elected officials.  BOMA Pittsburgh is your voice!

Codes and Standards

BOMA International continues to be a major force as a national commercial real estate trade organization with an aggressive codes and standards advocacy program.  BOMA is involved in codes and standards development from the moment they are conceived…  NOT after they are released.  BOMA is helping to create – not reacting too late.