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Career Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

Asset & Portfolio Managers

Asset and portfolio managers are responsible for formulating and implementing a long-range real estate asset management and/or fund management strategy.  While Asset Managers typically focus on a single priority type, e.g. office properties, within the company's real estate investment portfolio, Portfolio Managers would be responsible for all the product types within the fund, which may include office, retail and multi-family.


Major Duties

  • Oversee the assets that are owned, leased and subleased by investors
  • Match the investor with funding and the potential owner looking for funding investments
  • Increase revenue and property values by increasing efficiencies and saving on operating costs
  • Determine the feasibility of an asset purchase
  • Formulate building strategies for each property in the portfolio

Real Estate Leasing & Brokerage

Sales agents must work underneath the license of a managing broker.  Brokers manage the firm, recruit new agents, determine the marketing  budget for the office, the listings carried by the firm, and the activities of the sales agents.  Sales agents often are independent contractors working for straight commission which can range from 1% up to 7%, and are split between the buyer's agent and the seller's agent.  Depending on the industry, brokers and agents' responsibilities can range from obtaining the property listing, marketing the property, showing the property, negotiating with buyers or sellers, helping to arrange financing for the client, preparing contracts and organizing the closing.


Major Duties

  • Develop comprehensive marketing strategies
  • Advise on strategic positioning and pricing
  • Negotiate lease/sale terms
  • Identify property and lease values
  • Prospect for potential buyers/tenants

Facilities Management

Facilities managers maintain the property's systems including the HVAC, mechanical, electrical and plumbing as well as technology.  Typically the facilities manager will coordinate and manage a team of employees or contractors designated to maintain each operating system.  Depending on the corporation or organization, responsibilities may include functional and operational design of the system itself and could require specific engineering training.


Major Duties

  • Supervise facility usage, operations, security and equipment maintenance
  • Supervise hiring, procurement, IT staff, vendor relations and maintenance
  • Prepare and manage annual facility budget
  • Work with all contractors on construction projects previously approved
  • Maintain integrity of all systems and respond to equipment failure issues and alarms in a timely fashion

Property Management

The duties and expectations of property managers have grown over time with an increased focus on maximizing the bottom line.  The position involves a comprehensive understanding of the owner's strategy for a particular asset or assets in its real estate portfolio, [short or long-term hold].  The property manager is responsible for the leasing and management to maximize returns for its owners and ensure the real estate's long-term viability.


Major Duties

  • Manage, coordinate and oversee the daily operations of the property
  • Manage the financial, marketing and leasing of the property
  • Prepare, submit and manage the property budget
  • Perform lease administrative duties, monitor rent collections and direct tenant retention programs
  • Ensure compliance with policies and procedures, codes and regulations

Building Engineer

Building engineers play a key role in enhancing the value of a property through effective energy and water conservation practices - renewable energy, sustainability and energy management.


Major Duties

  • Plan, coordinate and oversee the activities of maintenance efforts with both in-house and outside contractors and technicians to ensure they are performing within guidelines and on budget
  • Conduct periodic preventive maintenance o mechanical, electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems
  • Assist the property manager in planning and controlling annual and capital budgets
  • Be responsive to tenant requirements for safety, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and environmental needs
  • Respond quickly to emergency situations