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Networking and Solutions Provider

  • Monthly meetings to discover, discuss and share local business and industry information
  • BOMA’s online Bookstore

Government Affairs

  • Working on your behalf in the codes and standards arena BOMA has saved every existing US building $3.50 per square foot
  • Member representation at the national, state, and local levels of government
  • A legislative voice in the development and implementation of Codes and Regulations

Education and Training

  • Accredited educational opportunities increasing professional effectiveness
  • As-needed seminars with timely issues and topics affecting every aspect of the industry
  • Cost effective online webinars through BOMA International

Information, Publications and Recognition

  • Annual awards banquet to recognize industry leaders
  • BOMA produced the industry’s first Green Lease Guide
  • Local and national publications that report trends and best practices that drive value to your properties

Research and Standards


2018 Membership

For nearly 100 years, BOMA Pittsburgh has led the way!

Click here for the 2018 New Member Application

Includes those involved in the ownership, management, leasing, or development of commercial real estate, such as office, corporate, and mixed use facilities.

$1,400:     Less than 150,000 sf:     Two (2) representatives
$2,500:     150,001 - 500,000 sf:      Three (3) representatives

$3,600:     500,001 - 1 million sf:      Four (4) representatives

$4,600:     1 million + sf:                   Five (5) representatives

   $550:     Additional representative, if base plan is fulfilled.


Multi-residential (Apartments, Condos), Medical (Hospitals, Office), Museums, Educational, Governmental, Industrial, Cultural/Sporting, Retail, Parking, Religious, and Hospitality.  Includes two (2) representatives.


Providers of goods and services to the commercial real estate industry, such as HVAC, cleaning, construction, security, etc.  Includes two (2) representatives.


Professional service providers, such as attorneys, architects, and engineers.  Includes two (2) representatives.


For commercial real estate owners, managers, professionals, as well as service providers -- located outside the five county Pittsburgh MSA (i.e. Erie, Johnstown, Altoona, etc.).  Includes two (2) representatives.


For those employed by a commercial real estate company, or a company that provides a good or service to the commercial real estate industry.  For professionals age 35 and under.

NOTE: Per BOMA Pittsburgh bylaws, a membership ratio is maintained to balance building members and associate/allied members. Each New Member application is subject to local Board approval.